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ISSN : 1225-4517(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3503(Online)
Journal of Environmental Science International Vol.26 No.9 pp.1081-1086

Growth Response in Hydroponic Cultured Dracaena braunii Grown under Various Chloride Ion Concentrations

Hye-Mi Son, Ju-Young Park, Young-Han Yoon, Jin-Hee Ju


The present study was conducted to analyze the growth response of Dracaena braunii treated with chloride ions and to evaluate its salt tolerance. Distilled water (CON) was spiked with 1 (C1), 2 (C2), 5 (C5), 10 (C10), and 15 g/L (C15) CaCl2, respectively. Acidity (pH) and electrical conductivity of hydroponic solution, and leaf width, leaf length, root length, number of leaves, fresh weight, dry weight, and water content of Dracaena braunii were measured. acidity and electrical conductivity remarkably increased with increasing concentration of CaCl2. Growth in the C1 treatment was better than that in CON, whereas the C10 or C15 treatments caused either slow growth or withering of the plants. Fresh weight, dry weight, and water content were significantly decreased in response to CaCl2 concentration as comparison with those in the control. These results showed that CaCl2 concentration less than 1 g/L may be used as a hydroponic solution for D. braunii, as long as the water quality is not too saline, since the negative effect chloride ion on the growth.