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ISSN : 1225-4517(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3503(Online)
Journal of Environmental Science International Vol.27 No.11 pp.1083-1094

A Study on the Development Elements and Direction of Waterfront Reflecting User Demands

Ki bum Park*
School of Construction Engineering of Kyungil University, Gyeongsan 38428, Korea
*Corresponding author: Ki bum Park, School of Construction Engineering of Kyungil University, Gyeongsan 38428, Korea Phone: +82-53-600-5422


In this study, we analyzed the characteristics of six waterfront users who are currently being used to select indicators for waterfront development. It can be classified into urban type, inland type and coast type according to the place where waterfront space is located. These waterfront design elements include accessibility, public activity, and waterfront characteristics. Waterfront environment involves selecting the elements for considered and examined these with resepect to the goals of the study. In terms of accessibility to most waterfronts, it is analyzed that users who are located within 30 minutes' distance of walking are most likely to use it. As shown in the satisfaction survey of this study, the unsatisfactory satisfaction of water quality and quantity was found to be low in Unam pond, and the result shows that the overall satisfaction of waterfront space is also low. In the case of Chunggye Chun, the results of the survey on weekdays showed that the office workers, such as the offices located in the surrounding area, were mainly resting places. In the case of Naesungchun, it is possible to select the indicators that can help the direction of the festival as a survey on the users during the festival period. In this study, waterfront location, purpose of use, characteristics, environment, and subdivision are presented as indicators to be considered when developing the waterfront. It is expected that the proposed indicators will be able to determine the direction of development by reflecting characteristics of users.

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