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ISSN : 1225-4517(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3503(Online)
Journal of Environmental Science International Vol.27 No.12 pp.1179-1193

Analysis of Water bady Damage at Osu Stream Using the Flow-Loading Equation and 8-Day Intervals Cumulative Flow Duration Curve

Young Sung Lee, Young Suk Kim, Sung Wook Han, kwon ok Seo, chang bok Lim, Yeong Jae Lee, Kyunghyun Kim, Kang-Young Jung*
Yeongsan River Environment Research Center, National Institute of Environmental Research, Gwangju 61011, Korea
*Corresponding author: Kang-Young Jung, Yeongsan River Environ -ment Research Center, National Institute of Environmental Research, Gwangju 61011, Korea Phone : +82-62-970-3901


The purpose of this study at water quality pollutants to propose proper management method for the Osu-A unit watershed which is the influent tributary located upstream of the Sumjin -river among the 13 unit watersheds in the Sumjin-river water system. Analyzed the correlation between flow-pollution loading and the correlation between land use type, BOD and TP items, and analyzed 8-day intervals Cumulative Flow Duration Curve (CFDC) and Load Duration Curve (LDC) to evaluate water quality damage. As a result, both BOD and TP were larger than 1 and the concentration of water pollutants increased with increasing flow. BOD was positively correlated with Urban and Field, and TP was positively correlated with Field with 0.710. As a result of the LDC, BOD was analyzed that the target water quality was achieved with the excess rate of less than 50%, and TP exceeded the target water quality by 50.1%. BOD usually exceeded the standard value (exceedance probability 50%) at low flow zone and On the other hand, TP usually exceeded the standard value at high flow zone. Monthly BOD (April to June) and TP (May to August) exceeded the standard. Sewage Wastewater treatment and non-point pollution control is Osu-A unit watersheds are effective in improving BOD and TP.

유량-부하량 관계식과 8일 간격 누적유량지속곡선을 이용한 오수천의 수체 손상도 분석

이영성, 김영석, 한성욱, 서권옥, 임창복, 이영재, 김경현, 정강영*
국립환경과학원 영산강물환경연구소