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ISSN : 1225-4517(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3503(Online)
Journal of Environmental Science International Vol.27 No.12 pp.1215-1226

Removal of Cu and Sr Ions using Adsorbent Obtained by Immobilizing Zeolite Synthesized from Jeju Volcanic Rocks in Polyacrylonitrile

Chang-Han Lee, Min-Gyu Lee1)*
Department of Environmental Adminstration, Catholic University of Pusan, Busan 46252, Korea
1)Department of Chemical Engineering, Pukyong National University, Busan 48513, Korea
*Corresponding author: Min-Gyu Lee, Department of Chemical Engineering, Pukyong National University, Busan 48513, Korea Phone: +82-51-629-6435


In this study, PAN-SZ (polyacrylonitrile scoria zeolite) beads were prepared by immobilizing Na-A zeolite (SZ-A) synthesized from Jeju volcanic rocks (scoria) on the polymer PAN. FT-IR and TGA analysis results confirmed that the SZ-A was immobilized in the PAN-SZ beads. SEM images showed that the PAN-SZ beads are a spherical shape with 2 mm diameter and exhibit a porous inner structure inside the bead. The most suitable mixing ratio of PAN to SZ-A as the adsorbent for removing Sr ions was PAN/SZ-A = 0.2 g/0.3 g. The adsorption kinetic data for Cu and Sr ions were fitted well with the pseudo-second-order model. The Cu and Sr ion uptakes followed a Langmuir isotherm model and the maximum adsorption capacities at 20℃ were 84.03 mg/g and 75.19 mg/g, respectively. The amount of Sr ion adsorbed by SZ-A on the PAN-SZ beads was about 160 mg/g, which was similar to that adsorbed by SZ-A powder. Thus, the PAN-SZ beads prepared in this study are considered to be effective adsorbents for removing metal ions in aqueous solutions.

제주 화산석으로 합성한 제올라이트를 Polyacrylonitrile에 고정화한 흡착제를 이용한 구리와 스트론튬 이온의 제거

이창한, 이민규1)*
부산가톨릭대학교 환경행정학과, 1)부경대학교 화학공학과