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ISSN : 1225-4517(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3503(Online)
Journal of Environmental Science International Vol.27 No.12 pp.1249-1260

A Study on the Characteristics of Participants’ Perception for Improvement of Education on Return to Mountain Village - In the Case of the Participants in Senior Mountain Village School -

Ye-Ji Kim, Jeong-Weon Seo, Seong-Hak Kim*
Division of Forest Industry, National Institute of Forest Science, Seoul 02455, Korea
E-mail :
*Corresponding author: Seong-Hak, Kim, Division of Forest Industry Research, National Institute of Forest Science, Seoul 02455, Korea Phone : +82-2-961-2836


The present study aimed to examine participants’ perception regarding improvements in education for their return to a mountain village, based on “satisfaction, motivation’s achievement, and effectiveness.” Survey was conducted with 80 participants in 2017, of which 64 valid responses were used for statistical analysis. SPSS 21.0 program was used to conduct descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, factor analysis, and multiple regression analysis. The major findings were that a higher level of “satisfaction regarding the instructor and teaching materials” resulted in a higher level of motivation’s achievement of technology skills, social skills and effectiveness in interpersonal exchange. The findings also revealed that if “the content of education” were satisfactory, there was effective self development. In addition, the higher the motivation’s achievement of social skill, the higher the perception in effectiveness of self development and interpersonal exchange. The study can contribute to provide baseline data for improvement of education on return of people to their mountain villages, which are collaborating with civic groups, governments, research institutions and enterprises.

귀산촌 교육 개선을 위한 교육 참가자 인식 특성 분석 - 시니어 산촌학교 참가자를 대상으로 -

김예지, 서정원, 김성학*
국립산림과학원 산림산업연구과