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ISSN : 1225-4517(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3503(Online)
Journal of Environmental Science International Vol.28 No.11 pp.917-925

The Bird Diversity and Feature by the Habitat Environment in Gotjawal area, Jeju Island, the Republic of Korea

Kim Eun-Mi,Kang Chang-Wan,Choi Hyung-Soon


All of the animals and the plants in ecosystem are intimately connected to one another and the changes of forests and surroundings affect directly wild animals. This study was conducted at Hangyeong-myeon Cheongsu-ri located in the western part of Jeju Island belonging to Hangyeong·Andeok Gotjawal Zone and Jocheon-eup Seonheul-ri located in the eastern part of Jeju Island belonging to Jocheon·Hamdeok Gotjawal Zone. The survey on advent of birds was carried out twice a month from January 2014 to December 2015. We divided habitat environments into three survey sites such as a forest, a shrub forest and a farmland. A total of 65 species and 4,802 individuals were observed during the survey period. In a forest, 36 species and 1,287 individuals were observed while A shrub forest had 40 species and 1,554 individuals. And in a farmland, 41 species and 1,961 individuals were observed. The only 10 species were observed in forest and the only 7 species in shrub forest and the only 10 species in farmland. The species diversity and the evenness of a farmland were the highest, and the species richness was the highest in a shrub forest, and the dominance of a forest was the highest among the three areas. The similarity index between a shurb forest and a farmland was high while that between a forest and a farmland was low. The similarity index related with breeding appeared that a forest and a farmland was different from each other.

제주도 곶자왈 지역에서 서식 환경에 따른 조류 다양성 및 특징