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ISSN : 1225-4517(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3503(Online)
Journal of Environmental Science International Vol.28 No.11 pp.956-969

A Study on the Feasibility Assessment for Selecting Recreation Forest Sites: The Case of Gwangju-si in Gyeonggi-do

Seo Jung-young,Yeom Sung-Jin


This study sought to contribute to the revitalization of local economy by developing a natural recreation forest, which is the base of ecotourism recreation, through utilizing forest resources and the natural environment of Gwangju-si. The study conducted a feasibility assessment through on-site surveys such as the suitability of the candidate sites, location analysis, and possibility of damage to the forest, before developing recreation forest sites in Gwangju-si and, based on the result, selected appropriate subject sites. The candidates for this study were 5 forest sites such as one site in the Mokheon-dong area, two in the Docheok-myeon area, and one in the Toechon-myeon area. For this study, the current status of the natural recreation forest was surveyed, its feasibility index and assessment process were investigated, and the local status and related regulations of Gyeonggi-do and Gwangju-si were reviewed. The final subject sites were selected after feasibility assessment utilizing assessment index in order to evaluate the candidate sites. The feasibility assessment was conducted after three separate on-site surveys for each candidate site between October 2018 and January 2019 utilizing “The Feasibility Assessment Criteria for Natural Recreation Forest (Notification 2018-71)” of the Korean Forest Service. The items instrumental to the feasibility assessment were classified into landscape, location, water system, induction of recreation, and development condition; the assessment was made after redefining each item into detailed items. Through this process, the Usan-ri area was selected as the final site for developing natural recreation forest, having obtained more than 100 points according to “The Feasibility Assessment Criteria for Natural Recreation Forest” of the Korean Forest Service. In order to develop natural recreation forest in the Usan-ri area in the future, further discussion is necessary with the relevant departments in consideration of the degree of ecological zoning map.

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