Aims and Scope

The journal aims to contribute to developing environmental science and promoting human health through convergent research in basic science, engineering, and medicine related to the environment.

Journal's scope includes policy, engineering, biological and medical effects of the environment, natural environment, and environmental pollution through air, water, soil, and waste.

The regional scope of the journal is mainly Korea, but it welcomes submissions from researchers worldwide.

The Journal of Environmental Science International welcomes, but not limited to, the papers from the following topics:

  • ยท Atmospheric environment
    • - Measurements and Analysis
    • - Dispersion and Diffusion
    • - Air Pollution and Treatment
    • - Health and Air pollution Effect
    • - Atmospheric measuring, modeling, and data analysis
    • - Air pollution, human health and climate change
    • - Emission control and environmental policy
  • ยท Water resource/Marine environment
    • - Water management
    • - Water resources evaluation
    • - Surface water/groundwater environment
  • ยท Waste water-Solid/Environmental chemistry
  • ยท Green/Ecology environment
  • ยท Fusion environment
    • - animal related environment
    • - plant related environment
    • - Natural resources science
    • - Animal resources
    • - Human animal bond and welfare