Aims and Scope

The Journal of Environmental Science International(JESI) is the official monthly journal of The Korean Environmental Sciences Society(KESS) and is a multidisciplinary forum that aims to contribute to the dissemination and development of science and technology through convergence and interdisciplinary research in basic science and engineering related to all types of environmental issues, including atmospheric, marine, and geological environments. The scope of the journal includes the environment, the natural environment, and the policy, engineering, biological, and medical effects of environmental pollution through air, water, soil, and waste. The regional scope of the journal is primarily Asia, including Korea, with plans to expand its scope globally in the future.
It publishes research papers, review papers, technical information, special features, discussions and answers, etc. JESI is covered by the abstract and citation databases of Scopusยฎ, Web of Science (ESCI), Crossrefยฎ, and Korea Citation Index (KCI). Full text is available free of charge at the following sites